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Trunk lifts will add convenience to your daily life by assisting you in transporting your scooter. This equipment is professionally installed to fit in most vehicles including cars, minivans and full size vans.


VSL-4000 Joey Lift

350 lbs Capacity

Fully Automatic

Scooter and Power Chair Lift

Brochure    Owners Manual 


AWL-160 AWL-100
BRUNO AWL-150 AWL-1600
Bruno Truck Cap Lift PCL-1900 Truck cap and scooter lift PUL-1100
Bruno Truck Side Door Lift PUL-1700 BRUNO ASL-215 Lift


SilverBoom 300
SilverBoom 300

The SilverBoom 300 easily fits into most vehicles and is a perfect complement to all Jazzy® Power Chair or Pride® Scooter. Engineered to provider smooth, efficient operation, maximum durability, and sporty style, the SilverBoom 300 makes it easy and affordable to take your mobility product with you wherever you go.

  • Lifting Capacity 300 lbs.
  • Low headroom required - 30"
  • Telescoping base legs and extending boom arm length for maximum installation adjust ability
  • Boom arm end cap to protect vehicle headliners
  • End swivel hook to prevent strap twisting
  • Stop warning on strap to identify lifting limit
  • Lift is easily disassembled for stowing
  • Integrated boom arm securement when not stowed
  • Remote hand control operation
  • Integrated dual protective devices to prevent lift or vehicle electrical system damage
  • Interchangeable appearance panel to complement your vehicles interior
  • Optional power rotating base COMING SOON!
  • Wireless remote operation COMING SOON!
Base weight lift................................... 52 lbs.
Scooter/Powerchair maximum weight... 300 lbs.
Maximum product width....................... N/A
Platform Length (Overall/Usable)......... N/A
Max. travel distance from the ground.. 80"
Motor................................................. Sealed 12 volt DC
Options............................................... N/A
Vehicle Platform.................................. Full-Size Van, Mini-Van, Truck, Sedan, SUV, and Crossover
Hitch Class.......................................... N/A
Warranty............................................ 3 Year Transferable
Click the thumbnails below to see larger versions:

SilverBoom 300    SilverBoom 300    SilverBoom 300 

Lift ready to
load the product.


Loading the product.


Product Loaded
 into vehicle.

SilverBoom 300    SilverBoom 300    SilverBoom 300 

Interchangeable appearance panels


Go-Lift is DISCONTINUED - We do have one left in stock


Go-Go Travel Inside Lift (GO-LIFT)

The Go-Go Travel Lift by Pride Mobility is for people on the go who want to take along their travel vehicle or small scooter.  Featuring a unique rigid steel skeleton and color enhanced body at a low cost, the Go-Go Travel Lift offers function, style and value.

Go-Go Travel Inside Lift (GO-LIFT)
Go-Go Travel Lift


  • Designed specifically for the Pride Go-Go and Sonic scooters, and the Pride Go chair
  • Adjustable base legs, boom length and height for easy vehicle installation
  • Corded remote for easy operation
  • Boom end cover helps protect inside of vehicle
  • Upper removable arm weighs less than 14 pounds

van lifts, pick-up lifts, trunk lifts, mobility lifts, hitch-mounted lifts



Tracker Scooter Lift

Tracker™ provides all the features and benefits you want and need in a mobility lift. This unique and innovative product provides a hybrid design that offers the best benefits of both outside and inside lifts. The Tracker™ offers an exclusive high threshold kit that allows it to be installed in vehicles with raised cargo opening thresholds without altering the vehicle (i.e. Dodge Grand Caravan).



Spirit Scooter Lift

vs chrysler volkswagon  

The Spirit Scooter Lift attaches to your receiver hitch. It can be configured to accept three and four-wheel scooters. Simply drive onto the platform. As the lift is operated, the scooter is raised and securely clamped without additional tie-downs. Its weight sensitive platform automatically folds up and out of the way when not lifting a scooter.


ford suv scooter lift

Patriot Power Chair Lift 

suv powerchair  

The Patriot Power Chair Lift attaches to your receiver hitch. Once your power chair has been outfitted with the appropriate docking bracket, simply drive onto the platform. As the lift is operated, the power chair is latched and securely held without additional tie-downs. Its weight sensitive platform automatically folds up and out of the way when not lifting a power chair.



Equalizer Van Lift


The Equalizer Van Lift, with its motorized rotation feature, offset geometry, and increased lifting capacity, allows your power chair or scooter to be lifted from the rear cargo area and positioned on the sidewalk next to your vehicle. Adjustable limit switches automatically stop rotation to prevent lift contact with your vehicle. Variable column height and arm adjustments.



Guardian Swing-Away 

swing out  

The Guardian Swing-Away is designed to work with any wheelchair, power chair, or scooter lift made to fit a receiver hitch. It attaches easily to your vehicle and allows your unloaded lift to swing away for trunk or tailgate access. The secure latching device provides easy movement with minimal effort. Comes pre-wired to facilitate scooter lift electrical connections.



Liberator Trunk Lift 

freedom mobility accessibility  

The Liberator Trunk Lift Products allow you to lift individual scooter components or an entire power chair with the seat attached. Two models are available. The Fold-Away provides a simple hinge design to store the lift inside your trunk. The Stow-Able easily disassembles into separate components that can then be stored individually.



New and used lifts are available. Please know the make and model of your scooter as well as your vehicle to assist us in evaluating the best lift for your need.

Prices starting as low as $995.00 includes labor




Last updated March 20, 2014