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You have lived in the same home for years. Your children were raised there. Now a medical condition makes it increasingly difficult for you to get upstairs or into the basement. Stair lifts allow you to stay IN YOUR HOME.  A stair lift is less expensive than moving or an assisted living facility.

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Your stairs are measured and professionally installed so that a unit can be customized just for you. Whether you have 5 steps or 25 there is a model that can fit your home. Sit back and relax while you are taken to the next level of your home, and reside where you are most comfortable. Units are battery operated and automatically recharge.   Never get stranded even in a power outage.   There are two remote controls so the chair can be sent or called from the either the top or bottom of the stairs. 


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Anyone who has difficulty climbing stairs due to age or disability may benefit from one of our products. The convenience and freedom a Sterling stairlifts brings can change the way a less mobile person lives. Not only are our products safe and reliable but they have also been thoughtfully designed to minimize impact on your home. And thanks to our state of the art technology we can build a stairlifts to fit almost any stairway.



Sterling 101
Weight capacity: 294 pounds (137kg)

Speed: 0.39ft/sec [0.11 m/sec] (Approx)

Power supply: 24v DC Battery

Charger: 110v

Maximum staircase angle: 56 Degrees
DIMENSIONS (refer to diagram below)

A      Minimum swivel width:           28�" (725mm)

B      Minimum wall to seat back:         5�" (148mm)

C      Seat depth:             15�" (400mm)

D      Minimum folded width to footplate:           15�" (387mm)

E      Minimum open width to edge of footplate:           26�" (674mm)

F      Armrest width - external:             23�" (595mm)

G      Armrest width - internal:             17�" (440mm)

H      Seat back height:            15�" (400mm)

I       Footplate to seat height - Standard Seat:       18" (455mm)  min
I       Footplate to seat height - Perch Seat:       25�" - 33�" (650 - 848mm)

J      Minimum footplate height:        4" (100mm)

     Minimum track intrusion:           
     Into stair:      5�" (136mm)
     Into first floor - typical at 45 degrees:      3�" (86mm)

     SpaceSaver� Seat, straight stairlift,    
     A and B dimensions 27" (687mm), 3�" (80mm) respectively
     SpaceSaver� Seat, curved stairlift,    
     A and B dimensions 30" (763mm), 5.5" (137mm) respectively

* Dependent on option choices

 � 25mm increment




Last updated April 10, 2005